TELAR is an engineering company that endeavors with technology and excellence focused on the interest of our clients and the social development.

Our strength is acknowledged in several important projects for the use of advanced technologies in infrastructure and urban mobility works.

This tradition comes from being pioneer in the trenchless method Tunnel Liner and from applying many other processes used in the construction of road tunnels, draining and sanitation works.

We proudly develop processes and offer solu tion maintaining the quality in engineering since our foundation.”


Pioneers in the activity of concession of sanitation, we have led the formation of the first association of private concessionaires in public water and sewage services. Currently, we operate concessions in different areas, conducting partnerships with the public administration thanks to our technical and organizational capacity.

The pioneer work has been our trademark, presenting solutions that foster the development of Brazil since 1969.


With a diversified work in the public and private sectors, we have maintained our origins in engineering, contributing to the expansion of this area of knowledge in Brazil.

With capacity, technical qualification and five decades of experience, we always strive for the best engineering solution for our clients, partners and users.


Our values are incorporated by our workforce. Applied in an integrated manner in the company’s day to day work, they reveal how we conduct the business and relate with each other in all areas where we operate, aiming at accomplishing our goals.

We believe that the company’s greatest asset is its people. The concern with well-being, health and safety is a basic commitment.

Valuing the people who make our history, who are competent and responsible, engaged and respected, happy and motivated, is the greatest asset we can have.

We work towards full customer satisfaction. Provide a service with superior quality, show competence, high capacity and technical solution.

Work with integrity and ethics, build responsible partnerships, and promote solid relationships. Gain loyalty from clients and deliver the best result to always meet their needs.

We work with excellence, knowledge and safety. Present technical and organizational excellence. Constantly evolve in the specialties and areas of operation.

Execute all processes with knowledge and safety. Fulfill our promises and deliver the best engineering results with responsibility and quality.

At the forefront, we apply new processes, accessories and tools to create, for example, the Tunnel Liner method, used in underground works.

With great commitment and capacity for technical and organizational innovation, we strive for ongoing improvement, contributing to the progress in engineering technology.

We are committed to Sustainability and Development. We make a constant effort to maintain the company operating, with the continuity of services that generate stability and solidity to the business, consistent results for stakeholders, jobs for industry professionals, and effective contribution to the development of Brazil, always respecting the environment and the social interests.


Marco Antonio Botter

Managing Director
Bachelor in Civil Engineering by Poli USP, Graduate in Quantitative Methods by FGV

Mauro Silvestre Leite

Superintendent Director
Bachelor in Civil Engineering by Poli USP

Telmo Giolito Porto

New Business Director
New Business Director from 2015 to 2023. In Memoriam

Rodrigo Botter Rios Pinto

Administrative Director
Bachelor in Civil Engineering by Poli USP, Graduate in Corporate Finance by FGV

Octavio Ferreira Mendes

Commercial Manager
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering by Univ. Mackenzie